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Arms & Badges - Arms of Past and Present Lieutenant Governors & Commissioners

British Columbia
New Brunswick
Prince Edward Island
Nova Scotia
Newfoundland and Labrador
Northwest Territories

Lieutenant Governors (provinces) and Commissioners (territories) are the Queen of Canada's representatives in the provinces and territories respectively, and have both a constitutional and a ceremonial role. They are appointed by the Queen on the advice of the Prime Minister, usually for a term of five years. The federal government is responsible for their salaries.

In their constitutional role Lieutenant Governors facilitate the smooth functioning of the Constitution, summon the Legislatures to meet, outline their Government's legislative plans in the Speech from the Throne and provide Royal Assent to all bills.

In their ceremonial role Lieutenant Governors welcome the Queen and Members of the Royal Family and other distinguished guests of their province, act as hosts for important events representing the people of the Province and present Provincial Orders, medals and other honours and awards to outstanding persons.

Lieutenant Governors also serve as Patrons of various non-profit organizations in their Province that are engaged in work for the public good. The acceptance of such appointments raises the profile of worthy endeavors and give support to such organizations in their efforts to enrich the lives of the people of the Provinces.

The design of banners for Lieutenant Governors (that depicted on the left is for the L/G of Newfoundland and Labrador) was approved by the Governor General in 1980 for all Lieutenant Governors and was adopted by all except the Lieutenant Governors of Quebec and Nova Scotia. This banner has precedence over any other flag including the national flag of Canada. It consists of the shield of each Province circled with ten gold maple leaves surmounted by a Royal Crown on a field of blue. The banner is flown from flagpoles of buildings where official duties are carried out to indicate presence of the Lieutenant Governor. It is also customary to place the banner in the Lieutenant Governor's study.

To begin viewing the arms of the past and present Lieutenant Governors of each province and Commissioners of each territory, their arms are categorizerd according to provinces and territories they represent and can be accessed by clicking on the respective provincial/territorial coat of arms above.

The arms are ordered from provinces and territories from the Pacific coast (on the left) to the Atlantic coast (on the right) to the Arctic.