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Arms & Badges - Members' Roll of Arms


Roll of arms began to appear during the mediaeval period.

The armorial bearings of the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada [1]
They were collections of armorial illustrations beginning simply as sketches of arms representing the armigerous knights who were present on a certain occasion or at a particular event. From this the roll of arms format evolved during succeeding historical periods to cover groups and organizations of armigers - both military and civil. Although they have acquired various distinctive features, rolls still retain the same essential elements: drawings of shields, usually coloured, accompanied by captions identifying the owner of each. These inscriptions (especially when the designs are not coloured) include descriptive notes forming blazons. The present roll offers the essential armorial designs and blazons from the skillful hands of artists and scholars, many of whom are members of our Society. The roll includes an archive of the armorial bearings of those members, past and present, who have submitted them to the .

Total number of members in this online roll (May 18, 2016): 362
Total number of institutions in this online roll (June 6, 2008): 9


To view a particular member's arms, click on the letter below which is the first letter of their surname. A new window will materialize showing "thumbnail" images of all members' arms whose surname begins with the letter clicked on earlier. On this page, find the surname of interest, and click on the "thumbnail" image in order to retrieve a page containing a full colour presentation of the arms, including its blazon.


  Canadian Arms -Personal arms granted or registered by the Canadian Heraldic Authority.
  British Arms - Personal Arms granted by the College of Arms or the Lord Lyon, not registered in Canada.
  National Arms - Personal Arms falling into categories other than the above, such as: The Chief Herald of Ireland, Bureau of Heraldry South Africa which are government agencies/organizations in their respective countries.
  Institutional Arms - Institutional Society members.
  Assumed Arms - Arms assumed by individuals whose country(s) of citizenship does not possess an official heraldic authority, and/or are registered with a society or private organization such as the New England Historic Genealogical Society in the USA. The arms are accepted into the Roll of Arms at the discretion of the RHSC. [ 2 ]
Contributing Heraldic Artists:

* Deceased


The Society is accepting digital coloured arms for all RHSC members online in this Roll of arms. If you are armigerous and have paid membership dues for two or more years, please email to the . In order to expedite the process of including arms in the roll, the Master of the Roll requires the following. Failure to provide the material as requested will incur a greater length of time and effort before the arms can be included on the roll, or may be declined due to the inordinate level of effort to transform the material into useable digital content.

  1. A digital image (300 dpi or more) of the armorial bearings, plus motto, badge and standard if you have them.
  2. The blazon in digital text form (NOT AN IMAGE!). If a digital text form of the blazon is not available, please transcribe the text from the digital image of the Letters Patent to digital text (email format is acceptable).
  3. The names (if known) of the artist and of the calligrapher.
  4. A rationale or symbol sheet of the arms (a digital image of the symbol sheet would be suitable).

If you do not have access to a scanner, please obtain a good-quality colour photocopy of the full achievement and mail it, along with the above-noted information to:

The Ven. Peter Hannen, FRHSC
Master of the Roll
505-4300 Boulevard de Maisonneuve Ouest
Westmount, QC. H3Z 3C7.

Royal Heraldry Society of Canada
May 29, 2004
Revised: May 19, 2011



  1. The Society's arms were granted by the College of Arms, London, March 6, 1972, and later amended by Supplementary Letters Patent, May 7, 2003, Grant of revised supporters and branch badges, September 15, 2004, Canadian Heraldic Authority, Ottawa.
  2. A notarised statement would be required by the RHSC that no heraldic authority is available in the individual's country(s) of citizenship(s). Assumed arms shall remain on the Roll of Arms as long as the Society's member continue to remit their annual membership dues.