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Heraldry Proficiency Program - Level 1 References

This is an introduction to the art and science of heraldry, and is intended to form a foundation of knowledge in the history of heraldry, explore the component parts of an achievement and introduce the individual to the contemporary place of heraldry in Canada today. An important capability at the conclusion of Level 1 is the ability of the candidate to blazon correctly a relatively simple shield of arms.


A. Boutell's Heraldry - by J. P. Brooke-Little (see Resources for availability).
B. The Complete Book of Heraldry - by Stephen Slater. This is currently in print. It is a useful book, although not nearly as complete as Boutell.


C. A New Dictionary of Heraldry by Stephen Friar is currently available in print, and was a primary source for terminology questions. However, any standard dictionary of heraldry, such as Brooke-Little's An Heraldic Alphabet, Franklyn and Tanner's An Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Heraldry or Elvin's A Dictionary of Heraldry would be satisfactory.


D. Beddoe's Canadian Heraldry. Because this book is virtually unavailable, a CD version has been made available to candidates. It may be ordered directly HERE.
E. Canadian Innovations in Heraldic Forms and Charges, by Bruce Patterson, outlining specifically Canadian terms of blazon covered in the syllabus is available HERE.
F. Canadian Heraldic Information. A handout containing miscellaneous Canadian heraldic information, not readily accessible from other sources, is available HERE.


G. A Canadian Heraldic Primer by Kevin Greaves is readily available in English and French, through the Society. It may be ordered directly from the Society HERE. The French language version is also available, and may be ordered directly from the Society.


H. A Guide to Basic Blazonry by Kevin Greaves, is available HERE.


I. CHA Website Information about the CHA can be obtained from its website at Canadian Heraldic Authority or via the RHSC website link.

Methods of obtaining various alternative texts may be found in the Resources Section by clicking HERE.