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Heraldry Proficiency Program - Level 2 References


Since Level 2 involves significantly more material at a greater degree of proficiency than Level 1, it is not possible to provide references that are in all cases available in print or for purchase by the candidate. In most cases, the student will have to use the resources of the local public library or a university library, where one is available. Another source would be Heraldry Today, which carries many out-of-print texts, or The Heraldry Society in London. Some references (marked **) are available directly via links from this site. Some, such as Beddoe's Canadian Heraldry (in CD form) and Greaves’s A Canadian Heraldic Primer (marked *) can be purchased at cost from the Society. The references noted below as Primary References will be those from which the majority of the questions will have been derived. Those noted as Secondary References will be those which have been used mainly as a source of illustrations. In the Syllabus (see Level 2 Syllabus) the references for each section or subsection are noted in column 3 by their corresponding letters, with the more important references in bold type, and the less important ones in standard type in parentheses.


General and Historical Heraldry

  • A. Boutel's Heraldry - J.P. Brooke-Little (see Resources)
  • B. The Complete Guide to Heraldry - A.C. Fox-Davies (see Resources)

Heraldic Terminology

  • D. A New Dictionary of Heraldry - Stephen Friar

Canadian Heraldry

  • E. Beddoe's Canadian Heraldry - Allan B. Beddoe and Strome Galloway*
    To obtain a digital copy of , click on the link to email to request details on ordering your own copy.
  • G. Canadian Innovations in Heraldic Forms and Charges - (pamphlet) - Bruce Patterson **
  • H. The RHSC Website -
  • I. Canadian Heraldic Information - handout **

Heraldic Authorities

Royal Heraldry

  • O. Royal Heraldry - J.P. Brooke-Little (IBSN 0 900594 59 4).



Other Heraldic Sources

  • Q. A Dictionary of Heraldry - C.N. Elvin (tiercing)
  • An Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Heraldry - Franklyn and Tanner

Ecclesiastical Heraldry

  • R. Heraldry - Customs Rules and Styles - Carl-Alexander von Volborth

Miscellaneous Sources

  • The Wordsworth Complete Guilde to Heraldry - A.C. Fox-Davies (essentially, a more recent printing of the standard text)
  • The Lives of the Kings and Queens of England - Antonia Fraser
  • The Royal Heraldry of England - J.H. and R.V. Pinches (Heraldry Today)
  • Canada: Symbols of Sovereignty - Sir Conrad Swan
  • The Canadian Heraldic Authority - Booklet issued by the CHA
  • A Canadian Heraldic Primer - K. W. Greaves *
  • The Badges of the Canadian Armed Forces - CFP 267 - The Queen's Printer
  • OTHER TEXTS A link is provided to other useful texts in the Resources section.