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Canadian Heraldic Authority (CHA)

Arms & Badges - Educational Institutions


Slide your mouse over the arms to reveal the institution bearing the arms displayed
For many years before Canada acquired its own arms-granting body – the Canadian Heraldic Authority (CHA) – in 1988, most major educational institutions in this country had already been granted arms by the British armorial authorities, the College of Arms in London and the Court of the Lord Lyon in Edinburgh. On the CHA’s establishment, therefore, they did not need to seek new grants but merely registered the existing ones with the new Canadian heraldic organization. This permitted their listing in The Public Register of Arms, Badges and Flags of Canada, located on the website of the Governor General. Such registration certificates contain a full description of the arms in heraldic language (known as the blazon), but not all contain an illustration of the arms. For these it has been necessary to locate other sources for the present display. Since 1988, a number of newer educational institutions have been founded and these, of course, have received direct Canadian grants of arms from the Canadian Heraldic Authority.

Sequence of Display

The Institutions included are classified as follows:

  1. UNIVERSITIES - listed alphabetically; (Total: 61 - Jan 25, 2015)
  2. UNIVERSITY COLLEGES, FACULTIES AND DEPARTMENTS - listed alphabetically by the name of the university with which they are affiliated; (under development)
  3. COMMUNITY COLLEGES AND CEGEPS - listed alphabetically; (under development)
  4. SCHOOLS - listed by type: (a) Public Schools; (b) Private Schools; and (c) School Boards. (under development)

Corrections Welcome

Not all the arms of Canadian educational institutions have been readily locatable, and in a few cases less-than-ideal illustrations have been the best we could obtain. Anyone who can provide a better picture (or who can correct errors of information) is urged to contact . Please also let us know of any omissions from our display.


To view a particular Educational Institutional arms, click on the letter below which is the first letter of the name of that organization. A new window will materialize showing “thumbnail” images of all the armorial bearings of the Education Institutions whose name begins with that letter. On this page, find the Education Institution of interest and click on the thumbnail image. This will retrieve a page containing a full-size colour representation of the badge, including its blazon and symbolic significance.