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Canadian Heraldic Authority (CHA)

Members' Roll of Arms

Wagner, A.R.α 
Warner, H.W. 
Watson, J.D. 
Watson, W.S. 
Watt, R.D.αΘ 
Way, G.S.α 
White, R.A. 
Whitehouse, H.L. 
Wilkes, J.B.α 
Williamson, D.S. 
Wonders, W.C.θ 
Woodrow, A.J. 
Woods, G.D. 
Wright, J.d. 

θ Awarded the Order of Canada
α Fellow of the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada (FRHSC) / Honorary Fellow (FRHSC(Hon)) / Licentiate of the Royal Heraldy Society of Canada (LRHSC)
RHSC Meritorious Service Award
η Heralds, Heralds Emeritus, and Heralds Extraordinary of the Canadian Heraldic Authority
Hatchment included in that individual's roll of arms entry.