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Members' Roll of Arms

Tötösy de Zepetnek, S. 
Tötösy-Martin, L.G. 
Thompson, A. 
Thompson, W.W. 
Thornton, B.C. 
Thrasher, F. 
Till, P.M.α 
Tinlin, M.W. 
Towner, D.R. 
Townsend, J.D. 
Tracz, W.P. 
Trower, N.G. 
Trusler, G.A. 
Tunesi of Liongam, J.J. 
Turner, J. 
Tysowski, D.P.α 

θ Awarded the Order of Canada
α Fellow of the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada (FRHSC) / Honorary Fellow (FRHSC(Hon)) / Licentiate of the Royal Heraldy Society of Canada (LRHSC)
RHSC Meritorious Service Award
η Heralds, Heralds Emeritus, and Heralds Extraordinary of the Canadian Heraldic Authority
Hatchment included in that individual's roll of arms entry.