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Canadian Heraldic Authority (CHA)
 Heraldry Proficiency Program - Canadian Heraldic Information

This section contains miscellaneous Canadian heraldic information not readily available from other sources. 1. Marks of Cadency. 2. Supporters - Canadian Entitlements. 3. U.E.L. Coronets. 4. Arms of Provincial Capitals.


The following marks of cadency are sometimes used in Canada. The marks for male cadets are the same as those used in England. Those for female cadets are unique to Canada.

Male Cadets

         Label                         Crescent                      Mullet                           Martlet                    Annulet
         1st son                         2nd son                      3rdson                           4th son                    5th son


      Fleur de lis                     Rose                     Cross Moline                     Octofoil    
      6th son                       7th son                       8th son                       9thson

Female Cadets

      Heart          Ermine Spot              Snowflake              Fir Twig              Chess-rook              Escallop      
      1st Daughter          2nd Daughter          3rd Daughter          4th Daughter          5th Daughter          6th daughter          


                    Harp                    Buckle                    Clarion          
      7th Daughter        8th Daughter        9th Daughter    



a. Persons The following persons are entitled to supporters for life:

The Governor General
Lieutenant Governors of Provinces
Chief Justice of Canada
The Prime Minister
Privy Councilors
The Herald Chancellor
The Deputy Herald Chancellor
The Speaker of the House of Commons
The Speaker of the Senate
Companions of the Order of Canada
Commanders of the Order of Military Merit
Commanders of the Order of Merit of the Police Forces
Commanders of the Royal Victorian Order
Bailiffs and Dames Grand Cross of the Venerable Order of St. John

b. Corporate Bodies

With a very few exceptions, all corporate bodies granted arms by the Canadian Heraldic Authority are entitled to supporters.


The U.E.L. Civil Coronet consists of a coronet set with alternating oak and maple leaves.

The U.E.L. Military Coronet consists of a coronet set with alternating maple leaves and crossed swords

UEL Civil Coronet

UEL Military Coronet

Rules for Use of the Post-nominals U.E. and of the Coronets

The right to use the UEL coronet has been established in Canada by the CHA according to the regulations of the United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada (UELAC). A petitioner for arms who wishes to have either type, or both types, of Loyalist coronets must FIRST provide proof to the CHA of their Loyalist ancestry.  The only proof recognized by the CHA is a numbered certificate from the UELAC that says the petitioner is descended from a specific Loyalist (or Loyalists). To do this, the petitioner must provide proof of each generation between himself and his Loyalist ancestor. 
A successful petition of proof allows the petitioner the right to put "U.E." after his/her name, to denote Unity of Empire.

To be recognized as a Loyalist, the ancestor must have left the American colonies to settle in Canada, between 1776 and 1789. Neither gender, race, creed nor religion prevented a Loyalist from being recognized as such (it was the first time in the history of the modern world that such an all-encompassing decree went out)

As per the CHA, there is no limit (other than good heraldic taste) to the number of coronets that may be used, regardless of the number or status of Loyalist ancestors. Coronet(s) can be used in the shield and/or in the crest, as well as in a badge. They can even be used in supporters, if granted, as in the case of Loyalist College.


The Following are the arms of Provincial (and one Territorial) capital cities.

Victoria, BC

Edmonton, AB

Regina, SK

Winnipeg, MB

Toronto, ON

Quebec City, QC

Fredericton, NB

Halifax, NS

Charlottetown, PE

St. John's, NL

Whitehorse, YT

Released: January 12, 2004
Updated: April 5, 2007