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Canadian Heraldic Authority (CHA)
 Prairie Branch  (est. 2004)

About the Prairie Branch

Welcome to the Prairie Branch of the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada.

The badge depicts fur which represents the fur trade which originally lured Europeans to the Prairies, and which still continues today. The vair is in sable and or rather than the traditional azure and argent because these are the colours of the furs which are actually found in Canada, as well as the colours of our wheat fields and our rich soil. The black pieces also resemble grain elevators, which once proudly graced every community in the area.

Branch Executive:

President:  click to view arms in the Society's roll of arms
Sherwood Park, AB
Vice-President: David T. Macpherson
Secretary: Blaine Barody
Treasurer: Thomas G. Hargreaves click to view arms in the Society's roll of arms
Director: J. David Hongisto click to view arms in the Society's roll of arms
Past President: David T. Macpherson
These members are armigerous, click on the shield next to their name to view their arms.

Membership Info:

In addition to the annual RHSC dues, an additional Branch fee comes with a subscription to the Prairie Tressure and the privilege to attend our meetings.

Released: March 26, 2004 / Last modified: June 02, 2011