RHSC Membership Application / Renewal Form

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I hereby apply for membership / renew membership with the RHSC as indicated....

Full Name: _____________________________________________________

Name of Spouse: ________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________

City/Town: ______________________________________________________

Prov/State: __________ Postal Code: _____________

Telephone (H): ______________________ (B): ____________________

Fax: ________________  e-mail: ________________________________

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Occupation/Profession:_________________________________ Are You armigerous?   Yes   No 

Post Nominals:____________________ Special Interests/Other Memberships:______________________________

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Membership CategoriesFeesEnclosed
 Student (available to full-time students under 25 years of age)
 Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy):
 Extra Postage Fee (For members outside of Canada)$20.00 

BRANCH MEMBERSHIPS: Should you wish to also join a Branch (or Branches) of the Society, the fee for each Branch should be noted below and included with your national fee.
 Laurentian/Montreal Area$15.00 
 Ottawa Valley$15.00 

         Signature:________________________________ Date:_______________       Total Enclosed $______________

      Please print this application, complete it and return it with your cheque to:
          ==> The Royal Heraldry Society of Canada, P O Box 8128, Station "T", Ottawa, ON K1G 3H9 <==