LAM, Fung Fai   

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LAM, Fung Fai
Arms: Gules a four-legged Chinese dragon each leg with three claws Or, grasping between the foreclaws a film sprocket of the same, pierced of the field charged with a television picture tube also Or.
Crest: Issuant from a circlet of evergreen and willow branches Vert a demi bear Or holding in the dexter forepaw two maple leaves slipped Gules.
Motto: RIGHTEOUSNESS AND CHARITY (in Chinese characters)
Source: Canadian Heraldic Authority, Ottawa, March 9, 1998.
Artist: Linda Nicholson

Copyright © 2004 Royal Heraldry Society of Canada (RHSC)
Released: March 26, 2004 / Last modified: February 2, 2010