EMERSON, Robert   

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Arms: Gules a coronet of maple leaves, tulips and fleurs-de-lis Or, a chief Vair.
Crest: A beaver sejant erect Or holding a trillium and two blue flag flowers Gules in its dexter paw and resting its sinister paw on a Latin cross Gules.
Cadet Shields: (1) For daughter Pamela Sarah Emerson: The Arms debruised by the chief bearing a pale Azure charged with two paintbrushes in saltire Argent;
(2) For daughter Jennifer Ashley Mae Emerson: The Arms debruised the Chief bearing a pale Azure charged with a Cladagh ring Argent;
(3) For son James Robert Emerson: The Arms within a border Or during his father’s lifetime.


On a torteau a pomme edged and charged with a pale wavy Argent.
Flag: (1) A banner of the Arms;
(2) A standard the Arms in hoist, the fly barry Argent and Azure the Badge between the Crest and a spray of a trillium and two blue flag flowers Gules all separated by two bends Argent inscribed with REMEMBER ALWAYS in letters Azure.
Source: Canadian Heraldic Authority, Ottawa, Grant, Jan 15, 2008 (Vol 5, Page 193).
Herald: Assiniboine Herald Darrell Kennedy
Artist: Eva Pilar-Cass

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