Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts (AEMMA)   

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Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts (AEMMA)
Arms: Per chevron enhanced Argent and Purpure, a sword Argent hilted Or.
Crest: A demi-lynx guardant Or holding in the dexter paw a dagger Argent and in the sinister paw a pair of dividers Gules.
Supporters: Dexter a lion Gules gorged with a cllar pendent therefrom a heart and supporting a halberd Or hafted Sable, sinister a tyger Gules gorded with a collar pendent therefrom an arrow and supporting a spear Or hafted Sable, both standing on a grassy mound set with maple leaves and trillium flowers proper.
Motto: PRUDENTIA AUDATIA CELERITAS FORTITUDO (Prudence, daring, swiftness, strength)
Badge: A tower Or charged with a heart between in chief a pair of dividers and in base an arrow fesswise Purpure.
Flag: A standard, the arms in hoist, the fly per fess Argent and Purpure charged with the Crest between two representations of the Badge, all separated by two bends Gules inscribed with the Motto in letters Argent.
Source: Granted, Canadian Heraldic Authority, Ottawa, January 15, 2008.
Artist: Ilona Jurkiewicz
Calligrapher: Luc Saucier

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