WILKES, John Ballingal, FRHSC (Hon)   

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WILKES, John Ballingal, FRHSC (Hon)
Arms: Vert on a pall reversed Argent between in chief two garbs and in base a field gun Or, a ring Sable.
Crest: Upon a helmet mantled Vert doubled Argent within a wreath of these colours, an eagle's head erased Or gorged with a ribbon Vert pendant therefrom an escutcheon quarterly Gules and Argent.
Cadet Shields: Below the main achievement are shown the shields granted to the armiger's children, with differences as follows: for his son Peter, a rod of Aesculapeus Sable; for his daughter Patricia, a heart Vert; and for his daughter Victoria, a trefoil Vert.
Source: Canadian Heraldic Authority, Ottawa, July 15, 2003
Artist: Gordon Macpherson
Note: John B. Wilkes was and contines to be the Society's Honorary Secretary of the RHSC.
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Honorary Fellow
Royal Heraldry Society of Canada
Awarded: 2002
RHSC Meritorious Service Award

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